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How to generate regular income in little hard work or how to generate active income.

That is, you do not have to work actively, but passive income continues to be generated. The difference between an entrepreneur and a professional is that as long as a professional keeps working, he will keep getting money. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, develops a way of doing business, which keeps on generating income for him.

A lawyer, chartered account, doctor, etc. The longer they meet their customer, the longer they will earn money or they can earn money as many times as they meet.You can call it active income or it is called active income.

But the difference in the trader is that he makes his business way that if the businessman is on vacation or somewhere else but behind him the income is increasing. You can call it passive income or it is called passive income.

If you still do not understand, then you can understand it with an example.

Story ( what is active income and what is passive income )

There was a village named Bhelpura. A river used to flow at some distance from the village. There were two friends in that village whose names were Rohan and Ram. Both had no work, they were both unemployed. There was a problem in that village, when people wanted water they had to go near the river.

Rohan and Ram of the village found a solution to this problem. Together they made a plan that both would bring the water of the river to the people of the village but would take money from them in return. Both liked this idea very much. He talked to the people of the village about this and the people of the village accepted his point.

The next day, both of them filled buckets and started delivering water to the people of the village. Many days passed by doing this. One day both the friends were resting after finishing their work. Then Rohan told Ram that how long will we bring people by filling water in buckets, how tired we are doing this. Why not do something similar, we don’t need to go near the river to get water, but the water is inside our house. for coming. . Hearing this, Ram laughed and went away calling him mad.

After this, after a lot of effort, a pipeline was prepared, due to which the water of the river started coming directly to the village.
Now he didn’t have to fetch water from the bucket, he just turned on the tap and people got water.
Rohan worked hard only once and his regular income started coming in, now he used to earn money from one village to another.

But on the other hand, whenever his friend brought water from the bucket, he would get the money. That is, the longer he works, the longer Ram can earn money.But Rohan used to earn money everyday without any hard work.
The work done in this is called active income.
And the work that Ram is doing is called passive income income.
The work of both is same but the method is different.

Ways to generate active income

1. Start A Dropshipping Store

You do not need to spend much to start dropshipping. For this you need an online e-commerce website. Whatever product you want to sell, you do not have to store that product with you or in any godown.

To sell the product through your website, you just have to take an order and buy that item from a third party and send it to your customer. And with this you can also add your profit to the price of that product.

With its help you can generate passive income

2.Blogging / YouTube

You can start a blog. In which you are interested or about which you have complete information, you can tell people about it through blog.
You can start it in two ways.

  1. Blogging
  2. YouTube


In Blogging, you have to write an article, and it has to reach the people. If your website or blog grows, then you can earn money through Google ads.


If you do not like to write, then you can reach it to the people through video also. You can make a video, edit it a little and upload it to YouTube.
With the help of all these, you can make passive income.


Instagram is a platform from where people are earning money without investing.
You can also do this, all you have to do is create an Instagram page. Whatever page you create, just upload the post related to it.
As your page grows and you get real followers, then you can contact the brand, then sometimes the brand contact you.
In this, you can refer people by simply making a post of what the brand says, but keep in mind that the product you are referring to the people should not be harmful to them.

This can be a good way to generate passive income

4. Silent Business Partner

You can also become a silent partner to generate passive income.Silent business partner means, the company which needs a money , you can become a silent business partner by paying money to that company.
By doing this you can generate passive income for yourself.

If you know such business which
Competent business

You can become a silent business partner by investing money in them.

5. Add Subscription To Your Business

If you already have a business, can you add a subscription to it?

If you look at the example, you must have heard the name of India Today. One of the best selling news magazine of our country.

He has a reader base of 16 lakhs. Along with this, he has generated bout big subscription. With the help of these subscribers, they have got a recurring revenue model.

So you should also do your research and implement such a model in your business and make way for passive income.

6. Franchise Model

Franchisee model, should you generate such a method or model of your business. With the help of this, you can add a franchise partner with the business.
All of them can give you royalty, give commission. Simultaneously, you can also share in the profits.

popular franchises



Domino’s Pizza

Pizza Hut



7.Rent A Property

You can rent a property for passive income. But note that people buy a residential flat and give it on rent.
It will not be beneficial for you to do so.
Before doing this, keep in mind that you should always have positive cash flow, not negative.

Positive Cash-flow You can understand it in such a way that how much money went out of your pocket and how much money came.

If more money is going towards the cost of EMI, interest, maintenance etc. and, if the property is being used for rent, then it is called negative cash flow.
Positive cash flow is just the opposite.


Look, you do not earn maximum by doing 9-5 jobs. The longer you work, the longer you can earn money. But if you think on how to make a passive income by taking a little time, then it can be beneficial for you.
Passive income can generate so much income for you, which you cannot do by doing 9-5 jobs. Just the way must be different.
You can use the weekend to generate a passive income, not to party.
Remember, it always starts with taking small steps. If you think of doing a long thing at once, then you can fall down.

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