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How do you grow organic growth on Instagram?

It has become very difficult to grow organically on Instagram in 2021, but it is not at all impossible and that is exactly what this article is about.
Because I am going to help you grow your followers on Instagram systematically in 2021 and move forward in the future and we are going to do it. And of course if you are visiting my blog for the first time then through this 10 important tips and a bonus at the end.

Tip Number One For Organic Growth On Instagram

The first tip is important, especially if you are brand new or have small pages. So let’s say you love cars, so you decided to create a car theme page.It would be so much harder to develop a general car page than to develop a page around a specific make or model.

First Step

So let’s say you have created a page about BMW. Developing that page is going to be so easy, that it would be to develop a normal car page and it happens to be one.Some reason and the biggest reason is that Instagram is so saturated. Because it is so easy to create a page and start posting content but most people come to that more generalized conclusion and decide to make a car page and not a bmw page more super niche specific which makes it very likely That Instagram will start promoting your content faster.

Because you’re in a much less competitive place at this point. Instagram is saturated and very rights driven. Because they are a for-profit business they only want to show content to people that they’re very confident people will like so they only show content to their top performers within specific niches.


So for this example to drive a home let’s say there are a million car fans and let’s say there’s a million generic car theme pages. Most of the attention and traffic is going to go to the top ten percent of those pages, now those millions of cars. There are a million of fans who love BMW because most people don’t even think about going to that place.

There are only a hundred BMW specific pages by you being one of them to start getting some traffic. Then it’s going to be so easy to get into the top 10 percent of BMW pages and with that right the hat you can make within this super exclusive niche. Which can allow you to have attention and leverage to detail later.

If you decide, but if you start more modest you will normally never get to that place and never grow.You are all improving your chances and you are making your page less risky in the eyes of Instagram because their platform doesn’t have as many options for people they know love that kind of content so try Go deeper within your niche so that you can create a kind of blue ocean for yourself even in a super competitive space.

Tip Number Two For Organic Growth On Instagram

Posting more Instagram just like our tip number two is again a profitable business. And they want people to consume as much content as possible and spend as much time as possible on their platform so that they like the pages that feed the machine and post very consistently that you do. And the more you do this consistently the more trust you are building with Instagram and I am increasing the chances that they will give you more opportunities to grow.

There are usually two main reasons why people don’t post and the first is the lack of ideas which I’ll help you fix later and
The other is actually attaching itself to post performance. This is something you really need to get away from if you want to grow on Instagram so stop focusing on the performance of one post and look at your entire page as a far more top-down view.

From a macro perspective and really differentiate ourselves from a single post performance we’ll look at any large page, there are going to be some posts that perform really poorly and there are going to be some that really It has more performance that you only get on both sides. When you continue to feed the machine and use Instagram to get good data.

Tip Number Three For Organic Growth On Instagram

The third tip is to take advantage of external platforms where organic reach is easy to come by and top of mind examples would be youtube clubhouse connected in tik tok so go to platforms where reach is more easy then drag them to your instagram and strategically And the best way to do that effectively is to use something called a deep link.

So whenever you link to your Instagram on other platforms you want to make sure to use a deep link as this will ensure that they click on that link when they do. On their phone they will actually open it within Instagram’s native app and that’s so important because it takes away the friction I’m sure you’ve experienced it yourself where you clicked on someone’s Instagram link and then it’s a opens up.

browsers where you can’t even follow them because you’re not logged into Instagram and more often than not people are just going to go about their day and they’re not going to follow you, so you can remove that friction by using a can. ep link to make sure every time someone clicks they are opening it to your profile on the instagram app and my favorite deep link provider is url genius.

And they allow you to create deep links with ease. Which will work on both iPhone and Android devices for virtually any other platform so it’s really important to remove friction and dramatically increase your conversion rate for the traffic you get.

Tip Number four For Organic Growth On Instagram

The fourth tip is a simple one, but it can be very important and is to reply to all your DMs and reach more people on Instagram, but do them in a more personal way while doing both of these things. Which can also save you time and the preferred way to do this is with Voice Memos.

Because people can actually hear your voice it’s far more personal and people are going to connect to it if you have a video message you can take it even further but sometimes you just aren’t looking hot enough and Audio will play. It also saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to type it out and people feel better about it, so it can help you save time and make way.

Connection You answer almost all your DMS this way and people are always blown away by it because most people don’t answer or it’s much less personal if they do it strictly via text.

Tip Number fiveFor Organic Growth On Instagram

The fifth tip is so important that I cannot stress it enough and this is what I call the one percent rule because Instagram has reached a level where it is so competitive and it is so saturated that most of the traffic on the platform is going to go. It has the top one percent of users and doesn’t mean just the size of the followers.

I mean one percent one percent unique people who aren’t following the herd, most people are creating similar content for almost everyone in their niche and that’s true in almost every single niche, they’re all doing the same thing Especially with tools like Canva, everyone has access to it for free, so they’re all going to use the same templates and make almost as accurate.

Content you are creating which means you will never stand out because you are like everyone else so you don’t need to be one percent better even to make you look different from those There needs to be a percentage set aside for those who look at your content and it will blend in over time and really help you grow faster on how you can use that effectively.

Conduct market research to look for pages that are the same size as yours or that are growing very quickly and look for the things they are doing. Different from the public and constantly thinking of different ways you can present content or structure your content or how you post things.

We don’t want to be like everyone else because if we are and we don’t have a following ‘I don’t have the authority it takes to push Instagram will give everyone a chance to get to a certain point, once you have’ There will be chance if you are not unique then people will not interact with it in a way that will tell instagram to push.
It’s even more so focus on the one percent rule that you follow on Instagram.

Tip Number Six For Organic Growth On Instagram

Experimenting with all kinds of materials is a must and that’s very important. Because Instagram has come out and said that they are going to reward users who do this, but it also allows you to engage with your audience in a better way.

A better understanding of what they’re really like so you won’t know if your audience likes or doesn’t like the reels until you actually start posting them, so there’s a variety of Experimenting with materials gives you a feel for what works that you are comfortable making.

What does your audience really resonate with and you get the added benefit of Instagram loving the fact that you’re using all of their different content features, so experiment with different types of content to suit your page. will help. Instagram will love you for it if you’re looking for specific numbers on the ideal number of posts of each type.

Tip Number Seven For Organic Growth On Instagram

Collaborating with similar pages and the easiest way to do this would be to just shout out a story, but people are pretty stoked for it so I really recommend doing even more. A guest posts on each other’s pages This provides content for that person. Who you’re collaborating with and you’re also opening yourself up to an audience that you know will be interested in your content and that another user is getting the exact same thing.

Which would be more different because it’s actually in people’s feeds and they’re going to give you a better opportunity to really engage with you, they’re more likely to read the caption and give you a chance. actually come to your page because when people are on stories they’re not going to just move on to the next one more often, whereas in feed you give a better opportunity to give people a real opportunity to engage with you Stay tuned and see what they can expect.

If they were to follow you so that guest posts can be very effective. Make a list of all the pages that are similar to yours in content and niche as well as in size, this is usually going to work better but still on larger pages. Shoot your shot for but make a list of audiences that you think will make sense and producers that you think will make sense and just offer the opportunity. Try to make it as win-win as possible.

So tell them exactly the kind of content you want them to post so they can really visualize it in their mind and make it a simple yes or no so you can move on to the next person.

Tip Number Eight For Organic Growth On Instagram

Tip number eight is a super simple one and it is important especially if you are a local business always remember to tag a city or location on your content and this is really important as it makes it more likely that those areas People will actually see your content, so this is something that takes two seconds, but can be a huge tool.

Especially if you’re a business in that area, I recommend using areas around someone who might be a customer for you so that you can differentiate your diversification from those who can come in and out. It’s not going to the same people every time, so say you’re in an area with three surrounding cities, I’ll rotate every single post using Tag City. This isn’t a tip but it is very important

Tip Number Nine For Organic Growth On Instagram

Have to build a consistent posting schedule for myself so it’s really easy to say I’m going to post twice a day in theory, but not really when it comes to posting. It can be very difficult to implement if you haven’t done it before. Do you wish you could stick with a framework that allows you to stick with it consistently for a long time?

So start with a pattern or schedule that you know you can stick to over time if you can increase the frequency because as long as the content is solid it is almost always better but consistency is something that is important for Instagram. important for. important for. faces came and said bounty so make sure you are on a consistent posting schedule as often as possible instagram will love you more for it and we want instagram to love us.

Tip Number Ten For Organic Growth On Instagram

Tip number 10 is a really important one, especially if you’re trying to build a great connection with people through your captions, often people go to the effort of writing a long caption full of emotion or value that doesn’t result. People are flocking to your profile and that’s because of how Instagram is designed with their feed. When you click it expands the caption and it pushes people away from your profile. and takes away.

Once they haven’t read everything just keep scrolling, so if you don’t give them a way to come back to your profile after the connection, you’re probably going to lose that opportunity. , so start including your handle at the bottom of these. Long captions give them a clear easy way to access your profile, making it more likely that they are going to follow you or like your other content or give you a DM or work with you.

You want this traffic to come to your profile and you have a better chance of doing so, especially in long captions by giving them a quick easy thing to click into your handle, so start doing that without any It’s good practice to have sized captions because it’s just another touch point that can bring people to your profile, but it’s extremely important in long captions.

Bonus Tip For Organic Growth On Instagram

And this is the bonus tip I teased earlier and I’m throwing it out as a bonus because I don’t have the data to back it up and say it’s exactly a tip that works, but I’m on tiktok And heard a lot of ruckus about it in the social media space and the tip is that once you post something you should quit the app and close the app.

Because obviously Instagram will send you more notifications and more engagement through notifications because they want you to come back to the app so by turning it off they want you back, they are going to send you more engagement, as a result again its There is no data to back up, but there is a lot of people talking about it.

I would like you guys to experiment with it and tell me how it works People I have heard talking about it say they leave the app for about an hour and then come back and answer.

I hope that the tips that I have shared with you will be helpful for you.

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